Beginning with the scientific approach, we dive into the heart of our work: scientific methodology, intellectual rigor, evidence-based education, and a proactive openness to falsification of knowledge by new and validated discoveries. By inviting transdisciplinary thinking, we strive to avoid the pitfalls of reductionism and appreciate different forms of knowledge. A systematic access to an object of interest can be communicated to and shared with others. And it reveals what we do not or cannot know — thus making it possible to critique the result of a certain research project — be it on molecules, history, or subjective experience.


Innovation could be defined purely economically with Joseph Schumpeter: as ideas that result in the introduction of new goods or services or improvement in offering goods or services. However, we believe that big ideas are supposed to serve the common good. Some new ideas or inventions come without sustainable influence on a culture, society or market. If they have one, we should measure them against valuable long-term values like the 17 sustainable development goals formulated by the United Nations.


Being professional is about mastery, having or building skills in the field that you’re working in. There is also an ethical component to professionalism: You should be aware of the consequences of your communications, services and products — it’s not only about yourself and how you feel. It is about yourself as a model, too. Reliability and accountability, conscious decisions for etiquette, being willing and able to organize yourself and your colleagues, and poise are among the qualities that we associate with working in the psychedelic field. Or working in general.


We strive to build communities that appreciate integrity, invite diversity, foster tolerance for others and engage in self-critical reflection.


We understand integrity as acting in accordance with principles (values) such as honesty and sincerity. Such behavior involves accounting for one’s complete spectrum of impulses — including mistakes and shortcomings. Achieving integrity is a complex and continuous process. It involves knowing one’s self in the best possible and complete way. Many people in our community would say: no one knows herself fully, no one is enlightened, there is only light. This is important when integrating psychedelic insights into one’s every-day life: people strive to live in accordance with their insights, they succeed, they fail, they try again.


Connectedness might be the most “psychedelic” state-related value in our list — next to integrity. A sense of connectedness has been described as a potential key element of the psychedelic state.




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The MIND Foundation

The MIND Foundation


Building a healthier, more connected world through psychedelic research and education.